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DMGIL PRECISION CNC TOOLS CO., LTD is the first domestic enterprise explores the natural granite as grinding machine’s lathe bed. The company mainly produces the precision CNC processing machine tool which can carving, milling and grinding.
Natural granite is the nature of natural products in one hundred million. It has the most difficult deformation and the best rigidity and the best stability. Very few enterprises can process for the rigidity of the natural granite, not to mention to do as the high precision lathe bed. DMGIL recommend the most advantage technology from abroad and independent explore the granite finish machine. DMGIL use the most advanced grinding milling cutter in aerospace industry. The accuracy of the machine tools is our company’s purpose.
We cooperate with many grinding tool manufacturer at home and abroad. We provide the natural granite lathe bed foundation. Not the same as the cast iron products, the size of natural granite depends on mines. We provide the best granite which import from India. Such as indian red, Black Galaxy, that is the most hard among granite, also the most expensive varieties. Only the high quality material guarantees machine to avoid deformation and vibration, also that guarantees the precisions.